• Work Ready Program
  • The Bread of Life Program
  • Steps to Success


  • Main area of focus is to connect individuals with disabilities to job training and employment services.
  • Customized Career Planning completed.
  • Assessments completed.
  • Connect to Resources.
  • Case management services for all individuals enrolled.


Work Ready

Please, call,send a request, or email  if interested in job training and job placement.
Bread of Life

Please, call, send a request, or email for food or other tools/resources in the community. (In House Service)

WE are 501c3 faith based nonprofit organization established In 2014. This organization is formed to address through our faith and collaboration our MISSION TO SERVE OTHERS IN NEED. We believe in finding the right fit for each client. We believe everyone can be successful.

Our mission is to assist individuals with disabilities to vocational and employment services; and to connect economically disadvantaged individuals to the proper tools and resources to help them become successful in life.

Bridging the Gap in our Community


Tree of Life, Inc., is a 501c3 faith based nonprofit organization designed to address the need to help individuals with disabilities and assist under served individuals in our communities, nation, and world. We aim to connect the dots to produce successful outcomes in the lives of the people we serve.

Our Mission


Larry Heard,

Chief Financial Officer

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Tree of Life Incorporated

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